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You find it hard to communicate with your partner, you fight often, there is a lack of harmony or clarity in your relationship?

We can help you communicate better, recognize and modify negative habits, and solve problems, we can support you in reaching your relationship objectives, overcoming challenges, and enhancing your relationship quality.

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Some common issues that can affect a romantic relationship are behavioral problems, communication breakdown, love language mismatch, infidelity, past baggage, sexual incompatibility, conflict resolution, and trauma.


These sessions can help you deal with some of these issues and improve your relationship.

Our Process

We baked mindfulness and design thinking into this healing process. We facilitate partners to express and explore what they have not been able to do so far. There will be more doing and less talking here.


Enroll in these sessions if you’re dedicated to improving your relationship and ready to expose your vulnerabilities, thoughts, emotions, and worries. This is a joint endeavor, and advancement requires time. Maintain an open mindset and exercise patience throughout the process. Above all, be prepared to actively participate. Be open to engaging in exercises, developing new communication abilities, and applying strategies discussed with your partner.

Identifying the Issue

Are you aware of the actual problem, or are you operating under assumptions? Our initial session will be focused on discovering the true challenge, which might differ significantly from your current perception.

Authentic Self

What is your true identity and how is it perceived by your partner? This session will provide a platform for you to reveal your genuine self. Your partner will get a glimpse of your vulnerable side, which, by the way, is a positive aspect.


What motivated you to become partners in the first place and what does it imply? This session aims to reveal your individual strengths and the power of your partnership when these strengths are combined.


Setting Priorities

By now, you should have invested sufficient time and effort to understand your life priorities. This session will assist you in articulating them clearly, and you should be able to align them with your partner’s priorities.

Planning Ahead

This session will guide you in formulating clear action steps to restore equilibrium in your life, fostering love, a sense of partnership, and responsibility. A trial run for a week will give you a taste of the new dynamics.

Review and Adjust

This session will involve a review of the past week under the new rules, and any necessary adjustments will be discussed. Ideally, this should be our final session, and you and your partner will regain control of your life.

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How Much Will It Cost You?

Our program typically consists of 6 sessions, ideally scheduled once a week. Each session lasts between 90 to 120 minutes, depending on the number of breaks we take and the progress we make. We believe time should aid us, not limit us.


The total investment for this transformational journey is 36K + GST. This averages to approximately 6K per session. However, it’s important to view this as a comprehensive package rather than individual sessions.